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Shamrocks History

The Shamrocks place the well-being and development of the athlete at the center of what we offer for programming. 

Our fees only represent our costs divided by the number of players, and as such, we offer robust programming at a price point that reflects our non-profit status. 

The 'Rocks are the only Vermont-based hockey organization to win multiple USA Hockey New England and USA Hockey National Championships. The organization is a certified non-profit and is managed by volunteers. 

The Vermont Shamrocks bring together some of the most competitive hockey players across New England and New York State.  The goal is to provide a high level of hockey while promoting participation at the local level.  The emphasis is on skill development and teamwork by fostering a spirit of cooperation, unity, and individual self-growth.   We create a fun environment that focuses on essential values such as sportsmanship, friendship, and love of the game.  The lesson at the end of the day is that succeeding is more about how they play the game – win or lose.

Our coaches are all volunteers yet have extensive coaching and/or playing experience at the youth, high school, junior, and NCAA levels.  We expect all our coaches to: 

  • focus on the kids
  • be good communicators with players, parents, and referees
  • be good motivators
  • focus on team play
  • have well-thought-out game plans and managed practices
  • be able to control emotions
  • always have a positive attitude
  • be alert
  • be confident
  • continue to learn

In 2008 we started with one U12 team of 12 girls.  We entered the Rhode Island Panther Thanksgiving tournament (most of the girls had met each other for the first time in the locker room an hour before our first game), posting a record of 3-1 and reformed for the 2008 Polar Bear Christmas Tournament winning that event.  Today, we operate one of New England's premier Split-Season National Bound 16U and 19U programs (for High School Varsity players) and offer AAA Spring teams for younger players. We also sponsor Alumnae teams and events. Over 1,000 kids have played for the 'Rocks in some capacity. 

The majority of the original Rocks are still connected with the program one way or another. Their motto is, "Once a Shamrock, always a Shamrock."